We value your business and remain committed to serve you quality,diversity and competitive
price. In this fast-paced world,it’s hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals. Too often we
find ourselves reaching for that Ramen noodles packet or stopping at a fast food chain on the
way home.

Our philosophy

We offer free delivery right to your door step. (minimal order of $60 or more $10 flat fee will apply for order under $60) order must be place 24 hours in advance and it will be delivered between 4pm to 9pm Wednesday To Sunday. If you prefer your order can be collected at our showroom Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm. Your pre-cooked meals are made fresh daily and delivered to your door. Each meal is place in a microwave-safe food container and each meal is vacuum-sealed to retain freshness. We recommend that you follow as on Facebook to receive the weekly menu, which goes out to our customer every Sunday evening, you have until noon the following Tuesday to place your order.

You may place your order by calling or online.

Contact: 4506998888 5147561605


The visionaries

Food Quality

We use only the highest quality ingredients, we never add any preservatives, artificial ingredients, MSG or trans-fats to our food. We always try to keep the sodium and fat levels as low as possible without sacrificing the Indian flavour

Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout the Island of Montreal as well as off Island with some restrictions. If any issues to place your order please call us at 514 757 1605 to see if we can deliver to your area.

Our services


We cannot guarantee products coming from outside have been processed in factories where allergens are present therefore we cannot guarantee that all products are always 100% peanut/nut free. Customers with severe or life threatening allergies please be aware of the risk.


Double(2) we offer 5% discount
Family(4)we offer 10% discount


It’s cost effective and therefore SAVES YOU MONEY! NO WASTED FOOD! SAVES YOU TIME in shopping and cooking.


For your convenience you may pay via Visa,MasterCard,American Express,Debit and PayPal
directly through our secure checkout on our website.

 We do not assume responsibility for inadequately stored meals once they have been delivered.

How are the meals delivered:

All our meals are delivered fresh, never frozen, and at fridge temperature. They are packaged in recyclable containers with a listing of ingredients as well as heating instructions, a best before date, and the option to freeze. Once received, your meals can be heated and ready to serve in just minutes. Alternatively, you can refrigerate or freeze them for future use.*